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ABOUT US Managing and Technical Director of Willow Leaf Tech Limited, Everett Hoskins, has 40 years’ experience of international senior management electronics business development (21 years in the USA), coupled with strategic marketing roles for Fortune 50 corporations.

With this experience, Everett is ideally qualified to serve as a knowledgeable, confidential, consultancy resource for investors and institutional lenders, who require independent evaluation of electronics companies seeking first-, second- and third-round funding.

Willow Leaf Tech Limited prides itself on a collaborative, team-oriented structure, always willing to network with other entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and marketing operations keen to get new ideas productised. If you need electronics added to an existing concept to turn it into a viable market proposition, we invite you to approach us on a non-disclosure basis to see if we can add value to your project.

The current business verticals fall into three key research and development / business models.

Audio and Acoustics draws directly on the strength of the original CEH Audio-Visual business that developed custom audio-equipment for recording studios and sound reinforcement in the 1970s. The key product areas are the CM 29815 high-performance omni-microphone capsule with state-of-the-art-integrated low-noise amplifiers and the WISPAClear range of class-leading acoustic absorption products.

Smart Wearables draws upon the isolated battery charger and management technologies developed for the cellular phone industry at Burr Brown Corporation and new wireless power transmission technologies. The future focus of this vertical will centre on embedded electronics.

Measurement Data Verification Services is a novel business-partnering model and product-services business, using satellite communications as a data link layer to facilitate reception of instrumentation data from unfriendly environments. Smart reporting modules, such as Willow Leaf Tech’s ‘TvIM’ field verification units, provide the modular front-end electronics matched to specific applications and bespoke cloud-based reporting services.

Willow Leaf Tech Limited is committed to being part of the new Innovation Centre Medway development on the edge of the new North Kent’s Science and Technology business enterprise park at Rochester Airport. The technology hub’s access to the M2, the M20, the adjacent airport and Ashford’s terminal for intercontinental rail services, affords easy access to London, the M25, the Dartford Thames Crossing and Europe.