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FROM THERE TO HERE … Founded by Managing and Technical Director, Everett Hoskins, the roots of Willow Leaf Tech Limited go back to 1977 and CEH Audio-Visual Enterprises, a bespoke manufacturer of soft-top vehicle security systems.

CEH Audio-Visual Enterprises manufactured security kits for MG sports cars. The bespoke control systems in these kits were the first in the world to adopt the original CMOS 4000 semiconductor logic IC’s coupled to inertia accelerometer switches. These proved effective at protecting vehicle audio systems, even when entry to the vehicle was attempted by slashing through the soft-top fabric of convertible models. Within 5 years, competitors adopted identical logic controllers due to the ultra-reliability of the CMOS circuits and its ability to handle wide variations of supply voltages.

This bespoke security operation expanded to manufacture power supplies for cash security systems, temperature controllers for portable kilns, audio systems for recording studios, anti-hijacking systems for high-value freight companies, electronic controllers for water-pump manufacturers and fail-safe telemetry systems for military personnel. The business garnered a reputation as a producer of ultra-reliable electronics equipment.

Fast forward to the mid-1980s, and Everett Hoskins’ applications and consulting expertise led to him taking up International roles working alongside the applications and technical staff of Fortune 50 high technology companies such as the Dowty Group, ITT, Burr-Brown Corporation, Bridgepoint Manufacturing, Texas Instruments and Lucent Technologies. 

Moving forward to the 21st century, Everett Hoskins has taken advantage of that international collaboration, and in 2017 revitalized and re-branded the original business into a vertical specialisation, Willow Leaf Tech Limited.

In 2017, Willow Leaf Tech made the decision to take advantage of the Innovation Centre Medway development on the edge of the new North Kent’s Science and Technology business enterprise park at Rochester Airport. The proximity of BAE Systems, a major employer in the area, and the future value-added resources from supply chain manufacturers and distributors relocating into the area due to generous business rate reductions, has made this location a focal point for technology and knowledge-intensive businesses.

The opportunity to grow in a bespoke, commercial development inside a collaborative-technical business environment means the park will offer similar advantages of other high profile parks such as those affiliated with the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Designed as a catalyst for innovation and business growth across Medway, the Science and Technology park complements both the existing Innovation Centre and recent Innovation Studios opened in Summer 2017.

As Willow Leaf Tech expands, the business will be able to take advantage of state-of-the-art meeting and conference spaces, business facilities and opportunities for networking in a campus atmosphere. Innovation Park Medway is already in partnership with the University of Kent, University of Greenwich and MidKent College.

In addition, the technology hub’s access to the M2, the M20, the adjacent airport and Ashford’s terminal for rail services to the Continent, affords easy access to London, the M25, Dartford Thames Crossing and Europe.